As an independent agency broker, with access to over 60 markets and alternative liquidity pools globally, Hobart’s Cash Equity Desk offers clients a wide range of services, as well as providing a trusted and confidential alternative to a client’s existing providers and/or the global investment banks.

Hobart’s global client base consists of a range of;

  • Banks;
  • Hedge Funds;
  • Large Family Offices and HNWIs.
  • Mutual Funds;
  • Pension Funds;
  • Proprietary/Delta One Trading Desks;
  • Investment Houses

Hobart does not undertake any proprietary trading for its own account.

Hobart’s competitive order processing includes:

  • Liquidity Hunting
  • Desk Overflow Handling
  • High Touch Trading
  • Anonymity
  • Smart order routing
  • Pairs and ratio trading
  • Multiple venues
  • Order Crossing
  • Algorithmic Trading
  • Dark Pools
  • System Internalisers
  • Cross currency settlements

Order Handling

When agreed with our clients our team of traders, using a mixture of the above processing methods combined with their knowledge, will monitor orders throughout the day, changing execution techniques to obtain an improved price and/or fill for their orders. Hobart does not offer guaranteed fills or prices, but is proud of its historic record for outperforming the leading bench marks.

Many of Hobarts’ clients return to us because of our high quality execution and settlement performance of their previous transactions.

The Team

Our Equity team comprises of seasoned industry professionals, who collectively have a wealth of experience and contacts across a broad range of Developed and Emerging markets.

The team prides itself on a ‘hands-on’ approach, in assisting clients with price discovery, accessing liquidity and in minimising market impact.

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Sales, Trading & Execution Capabilities

With technology being a key driver of innovation and change in today’s financial markets, adapting to this environment and staying current has become ever more urgent. Hobart has expertise at this, which allows clients to concentrate on managing investments, rather than managing orders.

Hobart utilises the latest technology available, including sophisticated smart order routers and up-to-the minute algorithmic trading engines (both Benchmark-Driven and Trader-Defined) to route trades to a multitude of physical and/or electronic market places, including those that are fully automated.

Hobart’s order flow and execution management, allows us to offer an exemplary execution service, with a particular focus on UK and Pan European equities, given Hobart’s geographical location.

We assess the quality of each trading venue and its suitability for a trade (see: Order Execution Policy), before deciding whether to execute on a particular venue, in accordance with MiFID ‘Best Execution’ guidelines and rules.

The team is well versed in a wide range of trading strategies, for example local execution with settlement in multiple portfolio currencies, Algorithmic trading, VWAP and TWAP orders, Pairs trading and executing complicated, multi-currency Program Trades.

We provide clients with FIX connectivity to route orders to us electronically, if they wish. This offers tremendous benefits, including greatly reducing the chances for trading errors, clients being able to access live trade updates, shortened processing cycles, reduced settlement risk and lower operational costs.

Clearing and Settlement

Hobart has an in house team dedicated to facilitating efficient settlement of client trades. We work with our clients to ensure that trades are confirmed quickly and effectively using systems such as FIX, CTM, Traiana TRADEcho Harmony, or Email. We address any unmatched transactions ASAP and look to make prompt delivery by accessing a large range of liquidity providers.

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